Concrete temperature control held during transit, despite unpredictable traffic


Concrete loads struck in traffic for 95 minutes registered the same low temperature as loads that took 25 minutes in transit

When a traffic accident quadrupled drive time to a 950-yard pour for a 6000-yard, multi-supplier podium deck pour, NITROcrete-supported trucks were the only loads that met temperature specification.


  • 89° F / 31° C
  • 6,000 cubic yard podium deck pour
  • Supported by 3 ready mix companies in Seattle, WA
  • Customer: Major, non-vertically integrated ready mix producer in the Pacific Northwest


  • Road accident traffic increased delivery time from 25 min to 95 min
  • Traffic blocked the only road into the jobsite
  • Transit stall occurred 300 yards into 900-yard pour, threatening to ruin the pour
  • Other ready mix companies’ loads were rejected.


300 yards into a 950-yard pour, traffic snarled to a near-halt on the highway. As the only route to the jobsite, a highway accident threatened to ruin progress and rack up costs. The project, a massive 6000-yard pour for a podium deck, required concrete from three ready-mix suppliers.

With the clock running down, truck after truck got snarled in traffic.

Finally, as traffic cleared, the trucks arrived onsite at the 95 minute mark. Hearing that the other two ready mix suppliers’ loads were rejected, our customer’s drivers anxiously pulled up for temperature checks.

With NITROcrete-supported concrete, however, they breezed through by meeting spec at 89°F/31°C. In fact, the 95-minute loads registered the same temperature and slump as the 25-minute loads.


95 minute loads registered the same temperature and slump as 25 minute loads. Reliable concrete cooling prevented money loss from lost loads or a disrupted pour.

About NITROcrete™

NITROcrete is the world leader in concrete temperature control. In 2012, what started as a jobsite problem for a partner evolved into a solution that is revolutionizing the concrete industry. The team listened, tested, developed prototypes, and made adjustments. Then they listened more, tested more, and in 2017, after 5 years of R&D, they introduced NITROcrete, a comprehensive concrete solution born directly out of the concrete industry.

The largest concrete companies in the world now use NITROcrete to simplify their processes, streamline their operations, and grow their bottom lines. NITROcrete provides a comprehensive concrete solution–cooling, system management, and support–which gives its worldwide industry partners unmatched efficiency, control, and peace of mind.


  • 95 minute loads registered the same temperature and slump as 25 minute loads
  • Prevented money loss from load loads or distrupted pour schedule
  • Loads with NITROcrete™ were the only loads accepted after the traffic jam
  • Customer maintained temperature specifications, despite unpredictable traffic

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