Building for the Future.

Sustainable concrete requires innovation and precision at each point in the production process — with NITROcrete™, our customers introduce sustainable temperature control to avoid waste and reduce carbon emissions.


Reduction in CO2 emissions

Remove the need for extra trucking in ice. Create more efficiency by cooling while batching. Additionally, NITROcrete™ cooling means less gasoline usage over all, as concrete mixer trucks must run during ice cooling.


Less Energy Consumed

Take away the refrigerated trailer. By removing ice from concrete applications, overall energy usage goes down. A more efficient process cuts out opportunity for wasted energy.


Less Harmful Particulate Matter

Less trucking and running mixers while cooling mean less particulate matter. The life cycle analysis showed a reduction in both carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic respiratory effects.

Reduce Waste & CO2 Emissions

NITROcrete™ replaces ice for a more sustainable temperature control process. A comparative life cycle analysis shows that switching to NITROcrete from conventional cooling reduces production impact.

According to a third party report from John Beath Environmental (JBE) in 2019:

“Besides the positive impact of concrete performance and the operation efficiency, NITROcrete also has environmental benefits compared with conventional ice cooling systems.”

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 83%
  • Eliminate polythene bag waste
  • Protect fresh water from depletion
  • Save loads from loss to prevent concrete waste

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Normalized Impacts of Ice and Nitrogen Cooling Methods

The following data comes from a third party environmental impact study comparing ice with NITROcrete™ liquid nitrogen for concrete cooling.

* Impact results were normalized using the highest result between ice or nitrogen for each category.

Build once. Build Sustainably.


The oldest continuously used concrete building.

The most sustainable concrete stands the test of time. When producers ensure greater durability and longevity, they leave a legacy that lasts for generations.

Because the most sustainable construction only happens once. As the industry rises to meet imperatives for sustainability, NITROcrete™ adds to our industry partners’ efforts.

With the future at stake, industry leaders seek out opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate waste at every point in the production cycle. Because complex problems require comprehensive solutions and innovation.

At NITROcrete™, we automate cooling so that projects eliminate the upstream and downstream waste and inefficiencies that come with antiquated methods of temperature control.

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