Comprehensive Temperature Control

NITROcrete™ provides an automated liquid nitrogen application process used to control concrete mix temperature.

The system is designed for full integration with batching software and for use with ongoing support and analysis from NITROcrete™.

With NITROcrete™ our industry partners have:

  • improved workability, even in hot weather concreting
  • delivered project cost-savings in the six figure range
  • finished mass concrete pours in half the time
  • achieved stringent temperature specifications
  • protected countless workers from injury


What redefining achievable means for our customers.

Informed by industry expertise and sustained through excellent industry partnerships, concrete temperature control changes what’s possible in construction and engineering.

Our customers innovate – and they need temperature control that doesn’t hold them back with outdated methods. For hundreds of years, the industry relied on outdated methods for concrete temperature control. However, this status quo robs the industry of hours of productivity. The status quo introduces guesswork, even while project specifications increasingly demand greater precision and accountability.

Instead, NITROcrete™ offers more control through precision temperature control. We support the future of concrete.

Why use liquid nitrogen to cool concrete?

NITROcrete™ controls temperature without affecting the mix design to generate additional value, safety, and sustainability from concrete production processes.

By controlling temperature, our customers:

Enhanced set time • Easier finishing

NITROcrete™ improves workability for easier finishing and improved slump life. Most people in the concrete industry know that higher concrete temperatures lead to reduced finishability, lower slump, and increased effort for a quality surface finish.

Using NITROcrete™ as an admixture for temperature control improves the fresh qualities of concrete — no matter the weather or transit time.

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Control Evaporation Rate • Prevent Shrinkage Cracking

Shrinkage cracks appear when the evaporation rate on concrete surface is greater than the rate at which bleed water rises to the surface

Outside of delaying concrete pours or rescheduling crews, few practical options exist to control evaporation. However, NITROcrete™ offers a way to control temperature, thereby managing evaporation rate to prevent shrinkage cracking.

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Improve Strength • Hold Temperature Lower, Longer

Hydration rate and temperature are closely related. Lower temperatures yield more ideal hydration for stronger concrete that’s easier to work with.

By lowering temperature, NITROcrete™ slows the rate of hydration; at the cement grain-level, this slower hydration rate introduces more uniformity, which protects concrete from early-age shrinkage and cracking.

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Ambient Temperature Change • Traffic in Transit

Conditions onsite change moment-to-moment. Whether that’s ambient temperature or traffic during transit, NITROcrete™ helps hedge against unpredictable variables that can wreak havoc on project timelines.

By offering more comprehensive cooling without downtime, projects are protected when the inevitable chaos of transit or weather threaten to stall progress.

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Reduce Energy Consumption • Meet Specification

Reduce waste during production. Reduce the overall impact of concrete production by mitigating waste, preventing lost loads, and reducing carbon emissions.

As the industry seeks out change at every operational level to improve sustainability, NITROcrete adds to their efforts by removing ice and, instead, introducing a temperature control process that reduces emissions and energy consumption.

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Our commitment

We’ve got your back. With ongoing support for logistics and performance, NITROcrete™ offers the industry peace of mind from the first mile to the final pour.

Logistics Support

Take the guesswork out of temperature control and receive:

  • 24/7 support
  • Logistics and order tracking for personalized support from supply planners
  • System performance checks

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Engineering Support

Our engineers have spent years achieving desired cooling for all types of projects. We collaborate with state DOTs, regulatory agencies, and project engineers can help with:

  • Preliminary technical assistance
  • Providing historical performance data for submittals
  • On-the-job concrete temperature monitoring

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Technical Support

Improve reliability. Our fully managed system offers easy integration with all existing batching software brands. As a versitile system, our HMI integration offers:

  • Tank-level monitoring
  • Support for wet or dry plants
  • Off-set & safety shut down timers

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Research and Development

NITROcrete continues to innovate through extensive research & development. R&D’s track record for excellence is evidenced in their:

  • Collaboration with state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Experimentation in our state-of-the-art concrete laboratory
  • Service on ACI Committees

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